Friday, 27 March 2015


This is a bit of a cross post from my other blog - I decided to set up a scene in my doll house for a competition I entered, and this was the result:

The kitchen units, fridge, sink, washing machine and table / chairs are all vintage Sindy, as is the swing bin and the washing basket. The shelves on top of the units are bog standard 1/12 scale shelf units from eBay. The microwave and the vast majority of the accessories are Re-Ment - if you want to know which set a specific item is from, get in touch. :)

On to the dolls... The baby is Re-Ment, from the early version of the Play With Baby set. Next up is Pebbles, from the Mattel Barbie line, on an 11cm obitsu body. Another Mattel offering is Skipper's friend Ricky, again rebodied on an Obitsu. Then there's an early 3rd gen Licca head on an Azone body. Finally, the mum is my Wild Flower Dolls Tara.

Monday, 16 March 2015

I haven't disappeared!

Not for good, at any rate! My baby - Marianna Iris - was born on New Year's Day and has taken over my entire life. :)

With some sweets I won... I'm easily pleased.

I haven't had much time for my miniatures hobby, but I have been blogging about everyday life and baby related stuff over at my other blog, To keep this blog on track, here is a little keepsake pram my mum made for Marianna, posed with a couple of my beloved pose dolls: 

My mum is really talented at crafts and stuff, by virtue of having approximately 500% more patience than I do! At the moment she's specialising in tutu baskets. I'm specialising in avoiding baby sick...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Be the Modest Person Around

I've had this post half saved in draft for like a fortnight, so I figured I'd finally finish it off...

One of the best things about buying vintage dolls and accessories, especially in bundles or job lots, are the little relics of childhood that often come with them. Those disastrous early sewing attempts in the form of Sindy's home made skirt, Pippa's chest of drawers crafted from match boxes, and the plastic Christmas cracker toys that, by virtue of their diminutive size, ended up being stuck in a box in the attic with Barbie and her wardrobe.

My mum picked up one such bundle of Sindy clothes on eBay last week, and tucked away with one of the outfits was the cutest handmade dolly magazine from 1967. More specifically it must have been from January or February that year because, according to the Top Ten countdown, The Monkees' I'm a Believer was #1 in the UK music charts. Welcome to Mod magazine, containing 'every thing a girl could want':

Page one gives you 'Hints on a Party' - 'always make sure they know when it is'. Still some sound advice that, even 40-odd years later. Then there are advertisements for 'a new mod dress - wonderful - you'll love it' (and only 36 shillings) and mod shoes:

Next come the chart listings and book recommendations ('Love in the House on the Moon' and 'The Mystery of the Romantic Ghost'), followed by advice to 'send off for a cooking book on how to make cakes now'. In fact at Mod magazine you could write in for advice on anything:

My absolute favourite thing in this tiny magazine - even better than 'Love in the House on the Moon' - has to be on the penultimate pages:

Be the modest person around! 

It's such a cute look back into a different time. Have you ever found any home made 'treasures' in your dolly purchases?

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Lammily is the doll you love to hate. Well, if not you personally, then the doll community and blogosphere in general. She's too boring, she's too frumpy, and her creator is a guy who wanted an average doll because Barbie wouldn't date a guy like him. At least that's what people chose to take away from the statement: 'If Barbie were a real woman, she'd be intimidating and cold, and what I like about real women is that they're warm and friendly'.

The doll's slogan, 'average is beautiful', shouldn't be controversial - but it is. Because when people see it all they seem to process is 'not being average is ugly' when that isn't the message at all. You don't have to be a size zero to be beautiful, or have perfect skin (you can get a set of stickers for Lammily to recreate everything from acne to stretchmarks - how my child self would have loved the latter for the elaborate doll pregnancy storylines I played out with my friends), or have the most coveted bust to hip ratio. We're all human and in some aspect of life - be that looks, likes or abilities - we're all average. 

In the future they want to expand into a range of body types and ethnicities but, for now Lammily is based on a single doll made to the measurements of the average 19 year old American female - an art project that went viral. She's not the prettiest doll I've ever seen. She isn't the best articulated, or graced with the greatest sense of style either. But then she isn't meant to be. She's a relatable, girl-next-door type, the kind of doll Sindy once was to the girls of Britain with her love of horse riding and ballet, and her willingness to don her floral apron and peg the washing out on her very own rotary line. 

My Lammily redressed in Sindy leggings, Sindy (?) dress, and MH trainers.

Personally I love that there is a doll with a pretty unique (for the world of dolls) body shape that retails for under £20. Her face may be a little bland - a complaint I've read over and over again - but no more so to my mind than, say, Simba's Steffi Love, who is the only 'Barbie' type doll they actually stock at my local toyshop. The other complaint I keep seeing is that her launch outfit is dated... It's not going to give Integrity a run for their money, to be sure, but it's no worse than Steffi's 'super trendy fashions'. Considering the two dolls and their fashion packs are in the same price range, Lammily has nothing to be ashamed of!

Rocking London fashion available for pre-order at $19 (£12).

On the plus side her box art is gorgeous, and the doll itself feels sturdy and up to some rough treatment at the hands of her little masters and mistresses. Her hands and feet are pegged which are excellent news for easy dressing, but not so great if her potential owner is very young - she's marketed as 3+ for a reason. There are a range of fashions available from the website, but she can also wear a lot of vintage Sindy and Jem clothing. It's definitely worth picking up an official set for the shoes though, as her feet are a very awkward size; the only success I've had other than her launch trainers are male monster high sneakers or, if you unpeg her feet, bigger 1/6 boots. (Gay Bob's cowboy boots have been a particular hit!)

Will she survive in the oversaturated play doll market? ...Who knows? Typically play dolls with an unusual body shape - ie. can't share clothes with the standard fashion doll - struggle and sink without the backing of a huge campaign. But then, typically, individuals who want to mass produce a doll which sells at a reasonable price fall at one of the first hurdles too. Only time will tell. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sindy Bureau

Pedigree's Sindy doll may not have had Barbie's blonde bombshell looks, but she made up for it with her endless array of outfits, accessories and 'scenesetters'. Her writing bureau was typical with a seat which doubled as storage, desk complete with secret drawer, and stationery for Sindy and her owner. 

I've got two bureaus in my doll house at the moment. The one above is in my 1950s / 60s inspired teen bedroom, complete with lots of accessories from the likes of Re-ment, Kewpie, Sylvanian Families and standard 1/12 scale outlets. The chair is from Sindy's 1976 Dining Table. Then there's the desk below which lives in the girl's bedroom:

Again, accessorised with a range of Re-ment, 1/12 scale doll house goods, and miniature figures from Supabonbonniere2 on etsy. The wardrobe in the background is from the 2004 Licca collection (more info HERE) and the doll is an early 3rd gen Licca head on an Azone body.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I've never been a smoker myself, but in wanting to set up retro looking scenes an ashtray and a pack of cigarettes is almost obligatory. Re-ment's new 80s Living Room set comes with a cigarette pack, lighter and ashtray to recreate those days of continuing smoke related disease denial...

The cigarette and cigarette packet in this pic are from the 80s Living Room set, the ashtray is from 2007's Kawaii Kitchen set, and the lighter came with a bunch of 1/6 action figure stuff I bought on eBay. The baby bottle is Re-ment (American Kitchen), as is the table (Our Home's Kotatsu), and the jigsaw puzzle is from the talented Amatheria on Etsy.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mucha by Kaiyodo

Alphonse Mucha was one of the great artists of the Art Nouveau era, and my personal favourite artist of all time. Kaiyodo have produced a few sets of miniature sculptures based on Mucha's work (more info HERE) and this month had a few of the individual figures for sale. Here's a pic of the Spring figure from volume 2 on my Sindy Wall of Sound:

The little display table is from the Sylvanian Families Nightlight Nursery set, the tin of sweets is from the Bodo Hennig range, and I bought the other ornaments from

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