Thursday, 18 September 2014

Punkinseed Doll

Terri DeHetre was a doll artist who founded the Legacy Dolls company. A bunch of reproductions of her original dolls were produced for the company in 1987, usually in kit form - you can see some examples HERE, HERE and HERE.

My aunt gave me mine when I was about eight or so, and it's spent the intervening years sat in various places collecting dust. Anyway, I've been sorting through all my old stuff these last few weeks and my mum suggested it would look sweet in the baby's room. I gave it a good clean and washed its outfit for the first time in who knows how long... I think it scrubbed up rather well!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Clone Thursday: Fab-Lu Randy and Mary-Lou

Fab-Lu Limited, otherwise known as Luften Ltd or Faber-Luft Ltd were a New York based toy company. They are perhaps best remembered today for their 1960s clone dolls, which were sold through Chad Valley in the UK - the company who bought out Fab-Lu after legal troubles got the better of them...

First up was Babs, who was proud to be known as a cheap Barbie copy. There are excellent pages about Babs and her fashions HERE and HERE.

Then there was Babs' boyfriend, a Ken clone doll named Bill. You can see a boxed doll, all nine boxed outfits, and Bill's booklet HERE at KenCollection.

Next came Babs' little sister, a Tammy clone named Randy. Fab-Lu even used an actual Tammy with drawn on ink spot in their clothing booklet - and were sued by the Ideal Toy Corporation accordingly. You can read the original legal notes HERE, and those from the 1966 appeal HERE.

Randy came with an updo...

...or a bubblecut in brunette or blonde.

Randy had 18 outfits, including her basic Bermuda shorts and overblouse (more variations HERE):

See Special Occasions Only HERE, and Queen of the Courts HERE. The latter also came in a variant style, see HERE and HERE.

See Everybody's Sweetheart HERE and HERE, and Tea for Two HERE.

See Outdoor Girl HERE, Sleep Tight HERE, and Home Alone HERE.

See Beauty and the Beast HERE and HERE, and Park Avenue HERE.

See Bermuda Bound HERE.

In the UK Randy was renamed Mary-Lou, to avoid the sexual connotation of her real name, but kept all the Randy outfits.

But, just to make things more confusing, Fab-Lu had also issued a 9" Pepper clone named Mary-Lou:

She also came in blonde - as seen HERE.

Back of an outfit box - HERE is the front.

Fab-Lu also made a range of even cheaper looking clones, called Ronnie (Barbie), Boyfriend (Ken), and Peggy (Midge).

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United Kingdom Barbie

This was actually part of my birthday present back in early August, but I'm only just getting around to blogging about it. UK Barbie was a 2013 pink label release as part of the Dolls of the World series. 

The doll itself is very much a generic Barbie, complete with rubbery click legs. I was gifted it for the outfit, which is very cool (though the dress underneath is essentially just a blue tube with a velcro strip up the back). I put the coat, scarf and boots on my latest Wild Flower doll, in readiness for a British autumn:

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Miniature Marbles

Picture from Etsy.

I heard about J. R. Hooper over on The Re-ment Addicts Flickr pool. Hooper is a glass artist from North Carolina, USA, whose other love is miniatures - you can read more about him HERE, or check out his Etsy store HERE. I bought 100 marbles from the etsy store earlier this month, and with postage they cost me just under £11 ($18). For scale, here's one in the hand of a Barbie fashionista:

Impressive, huh?

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Friday, 5 September 2014

McDonalds' Girls

McDonalds is one of my guilty pleasures. I love the food, I love the price, and I even love the advertising - right through from the 1988 McDonalds Makes Your Day campaign to the cute 2013 Parallel Lives ad. For me McDonalds is THE symbol of globalisation, and how that doesn't necessarily mean just doing exactly the same thing in every single locale - pink slime would never stand up to EU food safety legislation, and you'd be hard pressed to find a statue of Ronald anywhere in the UK (clowns are a dying breed here...).

More importantly, for the remit of this blog at least, McDonalds' is also the doll world's fast food restaurant of choice. All the big names have worked there, and most have been given away from there at some point too. This post will just look at the more usable side of McDonalds doll merchandising - uniforms, restaurants, etc.

* Pictures have all come from Google Images, I claim no credit for them. *


1982 Barbie Loves McDonalds playset, read more HERE and HERE. TV ad HERE.

1982 Barbie 'Fashion Classics' Fun at McDonalds uniform.

1982 Ken 'Fashion Classics' Fun at McDonalds' uniform.

1982/3 Skipper 'Fashion Fantasy' Fun at McDonalds uniform.

1993 Barbie, Stacie and Todd McDonalds Birthday Fun set, more info HERE.

1993 'Happy Meal Fun' dolls: Whitney, Janet, Todd and Stacie.

1994 McDonalds Restaurant with Talking Drive Thru playset - read more HERE. TV ad HERE.

1999 NASCAR Barbie sponsored by McDonalds - read more HERE.

2001 McDonalds Fun Time Restaurant Playset, more info HERE.

2001 McDonalds Fun Time Drive-Thru Playset.

2001 Barbie and Kelly McDonalds Fun Time set.

2001 Happy Meal Dolls.

2003 McDonalds playset - back of the box HERE and pic of it set up HERE.

Department 56

Dept 56 make a series of ornamental buildings, etc, in the Snow Village range, including some McDonalds pieces: restaurant, billboard and Ronald McDonald.

Fisher Price

1974 Playskool 'Familiar Places' McDonalds playset - read more HERE.

1990 Little People playset.

2003 Sweet Streets Playset. Boxed image HERE.

2003 Little People Happy Meal Sonya Lee Toy. There were also little booths for her to work at.

2005 Little People Ronald McDonald Happy Meal toy. You could also get the Hamburglar.

Fisher Price have also made a variety of child sized McDonalds playsets over the years. In 1989 they had a drive-thru stand (TV ad HERE) and a range of food which was available separately - Big MacBreakfast, Chicken McNuggetsGarden SaladHappy Meal and a Refill Pack. There were even a uniform, cooking centre, and soda fountain machine (back of the box HERE) to go with it. In 1988 FP and McDonalds had collaborated on four Happy Meal food guys - Chicken Nuggets, French FriesHamburger, and Soft Drink.

Hot Wheels

There were cars with McDonalds imagery on in 1993, 1994, 1997 (not as a Happy Meal toy, but HERE and HERE), 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002,

1994 Sto and Go Playset - more info HERE. (Version with blue car HERE.)

1996 playset.

1999 Big Mac Hauler, there was a slightly different one in 1997 and a Large Fries hauler in 1998. There was also a Happy Meal hauler in 1995.

2004 drive-thru playset. Different box styles HERE and HERE.


1999 3438 Lego System Drive-Thru - read more HERE.


Date unknown? Read more HERE. You can see the boxed doll HERE.

1986 McDonalds waitress. She had her own drive through playset, as pictured at the beginning of this post.

1987 McDonalds Waitress - video review HERE. (I've also seen it listed as 1989.)

1990 playset.

1993 playset - read more HERE. (Close up of the doll HERE.)

Based on the uniforms, these dolls must be from c. 1993 too.

2000 miniature McDonalds Licca.


McDonaldland is the fantasy marketing world McDonalds' created for itself in the 1970s. It spawned characters like the Hamburglar, and served as a branding tool for toys and playsets. Later McDonalds produced figures and playsets will also be lumped into this section.

1976 Remco McDonaldland playset. There were 7 figures available to go with it: Big Mac, Captain Crook, Grimace, HamburglarMayor McCheeseProfessor, and Ronald McDonald. Huckleberry Toys made reproductions of these 6"-8" figures in 2008 - see HERE.

1978 15" doll.

1993 McDonalds Snack Makers - CookiesFrench FriesFrozen Fruit, Hamburger, Happy Meal, McNugget, Pie, and Shake.

1993/4 McDonaldland Village Happy Meal toys.

1997/8 Happy Meal Girl dolls made by Hasbro - boxed image HERE, and TV ads HERE and HERE.

2000 Drive-Thru playset - more info HERE.

2006 Figure assortment sets - more HEREHERE, and HERE.

Not sure what year this is - c. 2008?

2009 Drive Thru Centre. You could also get a separate electronic cash register. They've done various play food sets too, e.g HERE, HEREHERE and HERE.


1998 Happy Meal Playshop - more info HERE.

2003 McFlurry Dessert Playshop - more info HERE.

2003 McDonalds Restaurant playset - more info HERE.

Re-ment, Orcara, Etc.

Re-ment haven't done any branded McDonalds food, but they do a wide range of 1/6 scale burgers, fries and drinks that could be useful. Take a look through the checklist at There is also one for Megahouse miniatures HERE.

Orcara Fast Food set - not branded but uses the red and yellow. Read more HERE.


Rare 1982 Sindy. Apparently they were made by WESCO for that year's US McDonalds convention, but missed the deadline and sat in a warehouse for a few years before being sold off to collectors.

Super Duck

This 1/6 scale action figure brand released the 'Hamburg Uncle Joker' set last year, read more HERE.

Rival Restaurants:

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